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 Autos Choice Detailing is a Christian based company and serves as the premier detailing and auto reconditioning service in Abilene,Tx for Freedom Motors. They are located in the Historical Down Town of Abilene at 1066 South 4th St. We are just accross from the Bank of America Building and right next to Nichols Battery.

Through their proven procedures, precision and unparalleled customer service, Autos Choice Detailing reigns supreme in a league of our own, consistently exceeding your desires and expectations.

Autos Choice Detailing knows that your vehicle is a cherished possession if not an extension of yourself, they recognize and fully appreciate the significant investment you have made, and hold theirselves accountable for maintaining and enhancing your investment.

What is Auto Detailing???

Auto detailing is a systematic process of meticulously cleaning, rejuvenating, and protecting the various interior and exterior surfaces of a vehicle. Auto detailing can include services such as car washing, car waxing, car wash & wax, interior carpet cleaning, interior fabric cleaning, exterior surface cleaning, car polishing and much more!

Why Auto Detailing??

To Protect & Maintain your investment.

Every day, your vehicle is subjected to abuse from the elements: sun, dirt, smog, acid rain, brake dust, insects and bird droppings. Inside your vehicle, kids, pets, smoking and normal use inflict dirt, grime and odors on the interior. Professional auto detailing on a routine basis will protect your vehicle from damage caused by these substances. Just like a regular oil-change or tune-up, auto detailing is not only a good practice, but also a good investment. Taking proper care of your vehicle will help extend its longevity, increase its re-sale value, and keep it looking new!


                                                         Autos Choice Detailing 
                                                         1066 South 4th Street
                                                              Abilene,Tx 79602
                                                                (325) 232-8860

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