- Have your vehicle shipped to your location

Freedom Motors offers a fast, simple and convenient way of taking delivery of your new vehicle. Arrangements can be made to have your new purchase delivered to your front door using our preferred shippers. Lonestar Transport, Morrow Transport and State2State provides fast and insured shipping to all 50 states. Movin'It offers the same great services to Canada.

Our vehicles have made there way to final destinations such as Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Australia, using Horizon. Horizon Auto has more than 30 years experience in International ocean freight forwarding and customs brokerage.

Using an Freedom Motors preferred shipper ensures superior, dependable service and best of all; a great price. Our customers are always welcome to arrange there own shipping and transportation needs; we would be happy to assist and ensure a quick and trouble free delivery. Please contact a member of our online sales team if you should have any questions.

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Approximate Rate Chart:

Alabama- $550

Arizona- $500

Arkansas- $350

California, South & Central- $650

California, Northern- $750

Carolina, North & South- $650

Colorado- $500

Connecticut- $750

Dakota, North & South- $800

Delaware- $650

Florida- $600

Georgia- $600

Idaho- $900

llinois- $650

Indiana- $650

Iowa- $700

Kansas- $550

Kentucky- $650

Louisiana- $450

Maine- $800

Maryland- $650

Massachusetts- $750

Michigan- $650

Minnesota- $650

Mississippi- $450

Montana- $975

Nebraska- $700

Nevada- $750

New Hampshire- $800

New Jersey- $650

New Mexico- $500

New York- $850

Ohio- $650

Oregon- $975

Pennsylvania- $650

Tennessee- $650

So. Texas- $350

Utah- $750

Vermont- $800

Virginia & West Virginia- $650

Washington- $975

Washington D.C.- $900

Wisconsin- $750

Wyoming- $975